Kugler Lilith 3This is not only a photo-blog, but as pictures are an important part of it im going to dedicate this arcticle to my picture series, which was actually a college semester project. My series is entitled OMNIPRESENT as i want to refere to the omnipresence of media and information in our everyday lives in a big city like Stuttgart.

No matter what we do or where we go - shopping, just only roaming around, waiting for a train - we're getting spammed by an incredibly huge amount of messages, slogans, pictures, news, ... We can't hide from it, even if we would like to, there's no escape. As soon as our eyes figure out a writing they start to read, consciously as well as unconsciously we're getting told where to go, what to buy, what is important, was is good, what is bad and so on.

The first time i recognized this high media impact on our everyday life was after coming back from the Philippines. For sure we can find this phenmenon in every big city - in asia as well, maybe even more intense. But as i spent 12 months in a quite rural area, this extremly obvious contrast both fascinated and shocked me.

Trying to capture these feelings in 6 photographs was a challenging task - it turned out to be an experimental time and motion series with zoom effects, movements and slow shutter speeds - just watch the result:


<pls click on the picture above to view the whole series>

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